We are apart, yet we are all together!


TEDxIonianUniversity team, fully aware of the changes that the coronavirus has induced in our lives, is trying not only to adjust to this new situation, but also to use its step to inform and disseminate ideas better. Events, which encourage us to change and on which we have to take a stand, are triggered every day.

In this context, TEDxIonianUniversity organizes Together-Apart, online speeches and interviews that will be broadcast through our platforms, promoting the interaction and exchange of ideas that will bring us closer to change and evolution.

We start with the burning question of “Crisis Management”. The first interviews will take place on TEDxIonianUniversity’s Facebook profile on Monday, June 15 at 20:00. All of us, not only on individual but also on political and international level, are called upon to manage the current crisis and deal with its consequences in the best way possible. We aim not only to highlight the problem we are facing, but also to propose possible solutions or new ideas in order to get out of the mire and plan the next steps.

During the following months until this year’s event on September 5th, we will be focusing on timeless and timely issues that concern us all. Stay tuned.

crisis managment

Dr Sotirios Livas

This talk will approach the subject of crisis management from the point of view of international politics. The different models of crisis management will be presented and analysed, however emphasis will be given to a single question:

What are we doing now?

In front of us lies an opportunity of global communication and joint confrontation of the lurking dangers. But what kind of dangers are we talking about and how, in this new era, can we take advantage of this opportunity? And finally, what should our next steps in today’s global community be?


Dr Yiannis Kalogerakis

In this talk, the Anthropocentric Approach to crisis management will be presented. A new perspective on coping, where with simple and logical implications it will translate into mobilization of thought and action. Most importantly, there will be presented the incentives and why every person should embrace this new perspective of managing any crisis. Essentially, answers will be given to the 3 basic subconscious questions:

  1. What should I do?
  2. Why should I do it?
  3. Convince me to do it now!

A methodology that each of us deserves to learn, do, and share with others.