Cafe Bristol is located in the heart of Corfu Town. Smashing musical selections, exclusive coffee, unique and full of imagination cocktails.

Bristol, an inspired, all-day coffee bar, is located at a privileged location, just at the heart of Corfu town and opposite the magnificent Corfu’s Town Hall: the town’s most high-quality choice for exquisite drinks, cocktails and coffee dates.

After years, as siblings and co-owners of Bristol Café, we are still passionate about our business, this local hotspot which offers great customer service and authentic entertainment.

A fascinating fact about our business is that, in 2009, while we were planning to start running Bristol Café, one of our friends informed us that back in 1913, there was a similar business – with the name Bristol – being run by a local at exactly the same location as that of Bristol Café.

This fact inspired us more and Bristol Café turned out to be the top choice for locals and travellers, when it comes to coffee, drinks and cocktails.